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3455 S. Access Road, Englewood, Fl 34224
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                                             Yoga is for Every Body ......Yoga is Well-Being

                                             Meditation can be as simple as listening to the wind.

Join us for Good Morning Yoga on Englewood Beach
Chadwick Park -
North-end  near Volleyball net just right of the pavilion
Start your day with blissful beach yoga

Monday- Sunday

Class time:  1 hour class

May through October      8:30am

November through April  9:00am (10:00am on Wednesday)

Bring a blanket or sheet and plan to have fun!
There is a fee for parking.

BEACH YOGA EVERY DAY - Holidays Included

Sunset Yoga 
Monday & Wednesday 6:00pm
November - February 4:30pm

Beach Yoga is a beginner friendly class that is available to all ages and all levels of ability.
Enjoy the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun while practicing yoga.
Practicing outdoors connects you to nature.  Looking into the vastness of the horizon, observing the graceful birds flying in a space of "no walls", drinking in the blue sky, the open space expands into the vastness and you sense the freedom that is inherently always within you.

Please see ongoing classes for class description and guidelines.

To further enhance your yoga experience please visit us at  Englewood Yoga Center
for a variety of yoga classes suitable for all levels and abilities....
Hatha Yoga Flow for Well Being
Gentle Beginner Yoga
Yoga/Pilates Infused
 Kundalini Yoga
Evening Vinyasa Flow
Meditation & Sacred Breath
 Yin Yoga
  Restorative yoga
Private Sessions
Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Please check
ongoing classes for schedule of all classes offered at

  The Englewood Yoga Center     
3455 S. Access Rd.,  Next to Stevens Florist
     Look for the big Yellow Yoga sign

Loving Light Yoga & Healing Center


We invite you to Loving Light Yoga & Healing Center in Englewood Florida, a place where you can experience a warm & loving welcome, a community healing place to explore your full potential towards Health & Happiness.  Allow us to help you to increase your flexibility, joint mobility, balance and strength becoming more aware of your movements and old patterns.  We encourage you to release all your stress and worry and tune into your body's needs and your inner wisdom, finding peace with where you are and moving beyond blocks and self-imposed limitations.  Finding balance, harmony, and peace of mind as you move towards being Happy, Strong, Healthy and Relaxed.

Lata, has been voted #1 for Preferred Yoga Studio and  Yoga Instructor for the past 3 years. Lata teaches a variety of Yoga classes from the gentle beginner to the more active Yoga.  Classes are a flowing blend of postures, breathing, and meditations that will enhance your body's natural rhythm and brings forth feelings of awareness and vitality.  Strength, flexibility, focus and balance are heightened while the mind is calmed and centered.  Balance & harmony through Yoga creates a body, mind, and soul that is
Happy, Healthy, and at Peace.  She also teaches Private yoga Sessions to help the individual to learn the basics of Yoga or improve their current practice. Private Yoga Therapy Sessions to help you release blocked areas in the body.  Lata's philosophy is not to impose a Yoga pose on people's bodies, but to allow their body to conform to the pose according to their capabilities.

Lata also teaches Guided Yoga Nidra Meditations, a deep guided meditation that will take you into the deepest levels of relaxation. These meditations are accompanied by the Healing Tones of the Crystal Bowls played by Lata's husband Robert.  Through the use of guided imagery, breath awareness, body scanning and sound healing.  Yoga Nidra will help to alleviate not only muscular tensions, but also mental and emotional stress, healing the body, mind and spirit.
 Robert recently completed his Yoga Teachers Training and is now a Certified Yoga Instructor and teaches classes at the beach and at the studio. Robert received the honored award for the 2012 Natural Choice Awards for Man of the Year and Lata received Women of the Year Award.  Loving Light Yoga received an Honoree award for Business of the Year and Lata received first place for favorite Yoga Instructor and 2nd for Favorite Yoga Studio.


                                                                                Well-being abounds....
                          It is everywhere, in everyday, in every breath you take and every smile you share!
                                                                              Love is all there is!


Tap-in, Tune-in, Turn-on with Lata & Robert

What people are saying.......

"I had a first time yoga experience with your group on Englewood Beach the Saturday after Halloween. I have since returned to my home in Reno Nevada.
I am pleased to say that I enjoyed the session as a first timer, and am now confident that I can condition myself with yoga probably anywhere on earth.
The beauty of the beach location is important as yoga is socialized exercise with the earth and its creatures.
When my wife and I return to Manasota Key we will participate with your group and instruction."
Michael Mathews 11/7/11

CONNECT to the earth,
BREATHE the fresh air,
RELAX to the sound of the waves, and
BE NOURISHED by the warmth of the sun!
All are welcome!
Yoga on Englewood Beach, Fl
Gulf of Mexico

OVER 70,000 PEOPLE have enjoyed
Good Morning Yoga so far in 2014

"The sequences are challenging and fun, and your narration throughout is perfect!  I feel really connected to what you say. The reminders to breath and other aliment instructions are also really appreciated.  Often time I find myself tensing my shoulders, and your instruction to relax them helps so much! Great cues!
I have been feeling clam and invigorated after class.  Thanks so much!"   --CR



                 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013  Nattie Awards and Favorite Yoga Studio and Favorite Yoga Instructor.




5 Year Loving Light Yoga on Englewood Beach with Lata

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